Certified Ethical Hacker


As our world becomes more and more digitally connected, we need to make sure that our computer systems are secure. Certified Ethical Hackers are hired to verify the security of important systems. If you can demonstrate your ability to find, document and patch security problems you are an excellent candidate for the CEH technical training. But this exam isn’t just going to test you on your technical knowledge. You’ll be expected to understand ethical fundamentals, legal policies and privacy regulations. Before you walk into an expensive, four-hour multiple choice exam, make sure you are fully prepared.
Our Advanced CEH training is designed to recreate the exact environment of the official CEH exam. You’ll be exposed to different methods of testing, learn valuable test-taking strategies and be given the opportunity to put your skills to the test. Even if you don’t pass the first time, knowing what areas you need to study before the real exam exponentially improves your chances of succeeding.

Topics Included in our CEH certification test questions?

Background - 4%
Analysis/Assessment - 13%
Security -25%
Tools/Systems/Programs - 32%
Procedures/Methodology - 20%
Regulation/Policy - 4%
Ethics - 2%


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