SANS is one of the leading institutions providing computer security training. Their course material is prepared based on real-world issues facing the modern business environment. By actively researching emerging threats to computer security, they are able to keep the industry informed of the changing security landscape in real time. Many employers aren’t looking to hire employees who only have a theoretical understanding of security threats. They want professionals who can deal with real-life threats in the current environment. SANS provides this educational experience by only hiring instructors who have played an important role in discovering and mitigating actual security threats. Worldwide, there are only 80 people qualified to teach SANS courses, making their certifications one of the most exclusive and powerful Certifications to have in your educational arsenal.
Because the SANS certifications are always kept up to date to address the latest security threats, it’s important you make sure that your knowledge is also up to date. Our practice exams are created to prepare you for the most up-to-date version of the tests available, and represent an essential step to prepare yourself for the test.


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