Certified Forensic Analyst


Becoming a Sans Certified Forensic Analyst (GCFA) is an entry-level certificate for IT professionals who want to quantify their skills collecting and analyzing data from Windows and Linux computer systems. This certification will qualify you to perform formal incident investigations involving situations such as data breach intrusions, persistent threats, and complex forensic cases. You’ll need to know how to work around anti-forensic techniques and deal with mission critical recovery operations even in the event of hardware failure.

This certification is an excellent choice for individuals who have experience in an entry level IT role, as no specific training is required to complete the GCFA exam. Users can apply their experience to challenge the exam, or study independently. Because all examinations must take place at an official GIAC testing center, there can be a lot of expense and financial outlay to complete your examination. Before registering, make sure you are fully prepared with our SANS simulator. We’ve crafted an online practice test designed to replicate the feel and experience of the real GCFA certification exam. Our test will give you hands-on experience answering test questions while helping you identify areas for future study. Try our SANS simulator today and take the first step towards growing your career.

Topics Included in our GCFA certification test questions

-Identification of Malicious System and User Activity
-Incident Response in an Enterprise Environment
-Incident Response Process and Framework
-Timeline Artifact Analysis
-Timeline Collection
-Timeline Processing
-Volatile Artifact Analysis
-Volatile Data Collection
-Windows Filesystem Structure and Analysis
-Windows System Artifact Analysis

After purchase, you will get instant 90 Days Online Access

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