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When it comes to computer security, the professional landscape can change daily. Learning the essential foundation concepts of computer security will give you the resources to keep up to date with the latest trends. SANS Security Essentials is the perfect certification for junior and mid-level IT personnel who want to grow into the security industry. This GSEC certification will prove that you understand the reasons why one organization might be compromised while another will not. You’ll be able to address the effectiveness of different security protocols in various environments, and know which metrics should be used in measuring effective security practices.

This entry level certificate can be studied independently, provided you have the proper resources. One of the most valuable tools is our SANS simulator. This practice exam is modeled after the actual security essentials exam. You’ll know exactly what topics to study, how to apply your knowledge to the test, and when you are ready to take the test. Try our online practice test today and begin preparation for the career you have always dreamed of.

Topics Included in our GSEC certification test questions

-802.11 attacks & countermeasures
-Access Control Theory
-Alternate Network Mapping Techniques
-Authentication and Password Management
-Common Types of Attacks
-Contingency Planning
-Critical Security Controls
-Crypto Concepts
-Crypto Fundamentals
-Incident Handling Fundamentals
-Information Warfare
-Intrusion Detection Overview
-IP Packets
-IPS Overview
-Legal Aspects of Incident Handling
-Linux/Unix Configuration Fundamentals
-Linux/Unix Logging and Log Management
-Linux/Unix OS Security Tools and Utilities
-Linux/Unix Overview
-Linux/Unix Patch Management
-Linux/Unix Process and Service Management
-Network Addressing
-Network Fundamentals
-Network Mapping and Scanning
-Network Protocol
-Policy Framework
-Protecting Data at Rest
-Public Key Infrastructure PKI
-Reading Packets
-Risk Management
-Securing Windows Server Services
-Steganography Overview
-Virtual Private Networks VPNs
-Viruses and Malicious Code
-Vulnerability Management Overview
-Vulnerability Scanning
-Web Application Security
-Windows Auditing
-Windows Automation and Configuration
-Windows Network Security Overview
-Windows Permissions & User Rights
-Windows Security Templates & Group Policy
-Windows Service Packs, Hotfixes and Backups
-Windows Workgroups, Active Directory and Group Policy Overview
-Wireless Overview

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